In his book, Yoga Sutra, Maharshi Patanjali mentioned about “Sthiram sukham asana”, which means every asana must be performed to steady and comfort your body, mind and soul. Yes, the whole purpose of yoga is to create the stability and comfort in every posture you sit, stand or do any activity in routine. In whole, it is to bring the balance in our life, be it mental, physical or spiritual balance. Therefore, there are various benefits of yoga if practiced in the right manner, wherein, besides a healer it is also acts as purifier to your mind, body and soul.

What is Yoga?

This is the most commonly asked question by most of the people who begin yoga, however, they have probably never given it a thought as to what it could mean to practice it in the routine. Well, if I have to put it in simple words then it is sheer activity that supports in connecting your mind, body, and spirit with each other. It brings the balance and stability to your mind and body in a way that helps you understand the meaning of life and the meaning to letting thing that are holding you back, go. Now, to describe the technicality, yoga is one of the most ancient and traditional form of activities that connects your body, mind and soul to each other while creating a balance of your mental and physical health.

Which one is better, Gym or Yoga?

Yes, this is one of those questions where people try figuring out if they must go for gym or prefer yoga. In my opinion, yoga is much of an advanced version of any other exercises. Gym in the routine might surely be the quickest ways to reducing weight; nonetheless, yoga is the way of finding inner peace while shaping your body. Have you given it a thought as to sometimes your body needs relaxation while shaping it up, your mind needs peace from the daily chaos, your soul needs to learn to let go off what’s stopping you from growing above the chaos. Well, there is so much that comes your way only with the practice of yoga in routine.

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yoga benefits for women

Health Benefits of Yoga:

Enriches the blood circulation:

Most of the yoga asana help in improving blood circulation in your body, which further leads to glowing skin, healthy body, good sleep, sharp mind and perfect metabolism.

Boosts respiratory system and pulse rate:

Yoga helps in balancing the pulse rate and the respiratory system. This further helps in keeping a balanced heart rate and evicts breathing issues.

Vitalizes the internal organs:

The postures and asana of yoga gently massage the internal organs, thereby keeping the organs’ function proper. Studies say that practicing yoga for longer creates better self-awareness and the awareness of the functioning and non-functioning of any of the organs of your body.

Improvises gastrointestinal health:

If you have been facing any of the gastric challenges, stomach cramps, intestinal issues or any of the other gastrointestinal health problems, then yoga is the best remedy to evict the problem from its root. Also, in the healthy gastrointestinal condition, yoga helps in keeping intestine and stomach healthy.

Improves Sexual life:

If we are to believe the expert studies of yoga and its benefits, yoga relaxes the body and helps in controlling the desires, which is where the longevity of healthy sexual life is expected. A person becomes more passionate and learns to control over the desires while making the romantic life more surprising every day.

Enhances metabolism and increases immune system:

Nothing like yoga can improve your metabolism, thereby boosting your immune system against any diseases or anti-bodies.

Cures chronic physical illness:

Most of the people across the world today are hit by the chronic illness such as thyroid, diabetes, arthritis, slip disc issues, breathing problems, high/low blood pressure, diastasis recti and PCOD issues among the women, spine and neurological disorders, and much more. Asanas like Konasana, Hatha asana, vajrasana, bhadrasana, dhanurasana, bhujangasana, shishuasana, and a few others can help in curing chronic illness as mentioned here.

Helps in curing cancer:

Yet another benefit of yoga is that it helps in proper blood circulation further improving the level of red blood cells, which further helps in improving the condition during the stages of cancer. Most of the medical centers these days recommend yoga along with the medical treatment for such chronic diseases.

Yoga for mental health:

With the advancement of life and the zeal to make more money, we have forgotten to be happy and be at peace. There are more cases of anxiety issues, bipolar disorders, sleeping disorders, depression, psychotic problems, in the recent years. Therefore, some of the asanas such as savasana, makarasana, vajrasana, trikonasana, and a few more help in balancing the mental health.

 Strengthens the muscles and bones:

Most of the doctors prefer yoga for strengthening the muscles and bones among the kids and old age. There are yoga asana for the beginners such as Hatha yoga with its various branches as Ashtanga yoga, Zin yoga, Iyengar yoga, kundalini yoga, Bikram yoga that help in boosting the bones and muscular strength.

Well, yoga is for all the age groups. As early you start yoga in your life that healthy you would remain throughout. Yoga, as said, can heal you from inside out while keeping you at peace and help you to learn the art of letting go, making peace with life, patience listening and a lot more. It develops the self-awareness in you, which eventually helps you in understanding the reality of desires that we mostly confuse with our needs.
It is never too late to start good things in life. Let yoga be one of it. However, the above mentioned are just a few benefits, there is a lot more to yoga that you might want to learn about.