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Vinyasa Yoga Academy Reviews Rishikesh, India | Ratings

Vinyasa Yoga Academy is one of the most prestigious Yoga teachers training school in Rishikesh, India. Affiliated with the highest organizations(Yoga Alliance USA) (Yoga Alliance International) Uplifting and maintaining high standards of yoga. The school ensures premium service and supreme infrastructure. The curriculum has been molded as per the specifications of Yoga Alliance and the skill based courses are taught by certified and experienced yoga instructors.

World Peace Yoga School Reviews Rishikesh, India | Contact & Ratings

Open yourself up to the countless opportunities that only World Peace Yoga School can provide with our world renowned 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh and Yoga retreat in Rishikesh, Yoga in Rishikesh, World Peace Our courses are Yoga Alliance USA Certified, Yoga Alliance UK Certified, Yoga Alliance International Certified.

Yoga Vini Rishikesh Reviews | YogaViniRishikesh Rishikesh, India Testimonial

Yogavini’s aim to build up qualified yoga teachers by its residential 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh – India, registered with Yoga Alliance USA.

This Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher training course (TTC) takes place in a tranquil serene setting just outside Rishikesh Town, the worldly renowned yoga central, Northern India and a birthplace of Yoga.Yoga Vini classes meet students at all levels of ability – beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Our teachers help you deepen your practice through careful explanations and specific, yet gentle adjustments.

Vishwa Shanti Yoga Reviews | VishwaShantiYoga School Rishikesh Ratings

Vishwa Shanti Yoga School is Rys 200 and Rys 300 conducting affordable intensive residential 200, 300 and 500 hour hatha yoga teacher training international certification courses affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA in Rishikesh, India for beginners, intermediate to advanced level yoga practitioners. The Program includes of few Ashtanga yoga sequence. Well equipped facility, studied and experienced core yoga faculty and a yogic environment are the attractions. You will become Ryt 200 and Ryt 500 on completion of yoga instructor course. You can also join the school for 100 hour yoga training. These are four, six and 10 weeks program designed to prepare an individual learn the essence of yoga to an extent s/he becomes able to teach yoga professionally to a mass with or without prior knowledge and experience of the same.

Arogya Yoga School Reviews Rishikesh, India Testimonial

Arogya (pronounced Ah-ro-GYA) is a Sanskrit word which means living a healthy life without disease and having complete health in mind and body. Arogya Yoga School is founded with a strong conviction to share the traditional experience of yoga and the intention to lead students along the path of holistic healthy living. We are in a technological era where everything seems to be automatic except for our happiness. Through yoga, we can obtain the tools to explore our full potential and experience bliss.

Shiva Yoga Peeth Reviews | ShivaYogaPeeth Rishikesh, India Ratings

By following ancient yogic traditions, Shiva Yoga Peeth has bcome a center of excellence in India for the promotion and growth of spirituality and yogic philosophy across the world. Mr Sudhir is well known for his yogic lifestyle and spreading yoga since 2013 by the name of Shiva Yoga Peeth (Near lakshman Jhula). Lets check out their ratings shared by Yogis OR students who has been into this school for weeks and shared their experience.

Rishikesh Yoga Club Reviews | RYC (RishikeshYogaClub) India Testimonial

Rishikesh Yoga Club was founded in 2015 and has expended Yoga training institution to Rishikesh & Himalaya. RYC offers various Yoga Teacher Training Programs included 18 Days 200 Hours, 28 Days 200 Hours, 28 Days 300 Hours and Theme Yoga Retreats like Ayurveda, Wellness, Meditation and lots more.

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