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Inspiro Yoga Reviews Portugal | Yoga School Reviews

About Inspiro Yoga Reviews: They provide truly unexceptional yoga experience in Portugal with the life-changing experience. Their non-dogmatic & scientific approach allows us to provide an exceptionally complete, organic program of training. Group size for this training is limited to 20 students, making the student-teacher ratio 10:1. This is unusual and guarantees individual attention and high-quality […]

Nina Vukas Yoga Reviews Portugal | Yoga School Reviews

About Nina Vukas Yoga Reviews: This particular system of Vinyasa yoga is equally rooted in Hatha yoga teachings, classical yoga philosophy, Tantric teachings, Ayurveda’s understanding of nature and the five elements, as well as anatomy and movement biomechanics. The method is based on the understanding of Vinyasa Krama, a system of progressions chosen to serve the […]

True North Vinyasa Reviews Portugal | Yoga School Reviews

About True North Vinyasa Reviews: The North Vinyasa Yoga Portugal provides training which held at two locations, the first two weeks are in Columbia, a small village with lots of garden space and a pool. For the last week, you’ll move locations and go closer to the ocean to the beaches of Ericeira. Friends, watch out, […]

Swara yoga school Reviews Spain, Thailand, Bali | Yoga School Reviews

Sofia Araujo is the founder of Swara yoga school. They cover a variety of styles within the yoga program as they work with different elements. The 5 elements is an ancient traditional analytics which enables a deeper understanding of yoga to inspire the student’s yoga practice.

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