About Yoga Shivoham Reviews: Yogesh is the founder of yoga Shivoham School. Yoga Shivoham is located in Goa; the location is located just 100 meters from the beach. Yoga Shivoham is Yoga recognized by YA (Yoga Alliance), USA & Canada as a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200 hours). In 200 hours YTT in Goa to experience the spiritual teaching and practice of Multi-style Yoga include asthanga, Vinyasa, Traditional Hatha and Sivananda – with more significance on Breathing, Awareness, Meditation and practical Philosophy- to live an educated life in society.
The students will get the Professional Yoga Teacher training certificate diploma, Recognized with Yoga Association, which student can teach Yoga professionally to other students who are a seeker of Yoga worldwide. This 200 hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher training course) contains all the basic technique to get started on the way to distribute practical knowledge of Yoga, Both intellectual and Practical in a professional way.
If the student doesn’t want to teach yoga to others, the practices and philosophy classes have effects that will enrich students body, mind, and intellect and help the student to understand the motive of life and yoga help them to live a peaceful life. The 200 hours YTT in Goa taught by experienced and professional teacher form worldwide. The school teachers are from Estonia, India, and Turkey. A great mixture of the Western and Eastern culture.

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25 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | EURO 1599

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