About East West Yoga Reviews: Yoga east and west vision is easy to each student who walks through their doors with the insight to live real joyful life and regardless of whatever is hopping around them. Their team is rapidly increasing and becoming one of the best opinions of yoga in the worldwide. The main motives for them to touch more hearts as hundreds of students come through their doors each year. All their events and programs are lead by real Indian Yogi’s who grew us practicing in the ancient yogic life of India.
Teachers are co-led by a professional teacher from the US or Europe. They have more experience teacher training in the world. Their motive is that the student creates the truly unforgettable experience from them. They focusing on plant-based food. They craft the menus for students which help detox while training. They also provide nutritional education as an essential component. First priority is enjoyment and laughter. They cleric the world most quirky yoga resort, which creates perfect surrounding for students healing and personal inquiry. They are creating a community around the world of friends who collect together on this track of yoga.

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Contact us: [email protected]
US & Canada: (424) 633-6373
International (Whatsapp): +13102378569


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