About Yash Yoga School Reviews: Yash Yoga School is one of the good Yoga Schools in Rishikesh who provides 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses, 300-Hour, 500-Hour YTTC, Yoga Retreat classes in Rishikesh. They mainly focus on 200-Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses which are designed to provide traditional knowledge and understanding of Ashtanga Yoga. They offer Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda Therapies, Pranayama, Body Cleaning techniques and many more to experience in Yoga. Yash Yoga School is certified with Yoga Alliance International and once you complete your training, you will get the certification with Yash Yoga School. Yash Yoga School is founded by Yogi Ajay Ji who is a reputed teacher of yoga anatomy and therapy. He has the depth knowledge in the field of Yoga Anatomy. Here we will find what student says about Yash Yoga School Reviews online.

Yash Yoga School has the divine location surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, greenery for students to connect with nature and forget about their stressed life and failures. Yash Yoga School will provide you the mouth-watering organic food with full if fruits, juices , salads, greens and many more to explore.

Insight Yash Yoga School Reviews & Courses:

16 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 100 Hours | USD 600
28 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 1200
30 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours | USD 1300
60 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hours | USD 2500
28 Days | Kundalini Y TT Course 200 Hours | USD 1200

Yash Yoga School has this amazing lead trainer Yogi Manish thapiyal who is a ashtanga yoga teacher, master in yoga sciences. He has been teaching ashtanga yoga from 3 years and known to be a good ashtanga yoga teacher in Rishikesh. He takes his class with full of energy and enthusiasm to provide each individual their own skill set and learning of Yoga. They have these outbound retreat programs in Rishikesh & Himalayas like Auli where the weather is far beyond awesome and pleasant. If you want to explore yoga at the top of Himalayas, then you should visit Auli for your exclusive Yoga retreat by Yash Yoga School. Learn about Yash Yoga School Reviews Rishikesh and then decide your visit in India and in Himalayas.

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