About Vinyasa Yoga Academy Reviews: Vinyasa Yoga Academy, on the banks of Holy Ganges River situated in Rishikesh was founded by Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi, a renowned master of Yoga and meditation who spent most of his life in the Himalayas.  He welcomes students and seekers from all around the world to carry on India’s most important heritage, Yoga. The teachings of this traditional ashram, includes Vedanta Philosophy and Yoga. Vedic chanting is also taught during the courses and they provide the understanding of each and every meaning and relevance of their teaching. Along with their core knowledge of Vinyasa Yoga, they are expertise in Pranayama and Yoga Teacher Training Programs which includes 100-Hour, 200-Hour, 300-Hour , 500-Hour and exclusive Yoga Retreat and a combination of Yoga Retreats with TTC programs which are affiliated by Yoga Alliance, USA and UK. Here we will find out what students says about Vinyasa Yoga Academy Reviews online.

Vinyasa Yoga Academy has all the basic facilities in their school so that students gain better Yoga education as well as good food and good accommodation so that they feel rejuvenated and DE-stressed. They also provide Scholarships for 200-Hours, 300-Hours and 500-Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses for people who wants to explore the Yoga community and have less amount of funds. They have their international standards as Yoga Alliance USA, UK and International from they use their curriculum as suggested by them which is so helpful in taking vinyasa yoga academy reviews to its position. Lets find out (below):

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15 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 100 Hours | USD 750
28 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 1350
30 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours | USD 1599
60 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hours | USD 2700

VYA, Vinyasa Yoga Academy has highly qualified teachers with full of compassion and strength and they make a beautiful connection with the students as well as with the staff members and use their full energy to devote in teaching Yoga and meditation techniques faithfully. There will be fun excursion activities every Sunday to indulge students out from their hectic schedule of learning. Lets find out what user says about Vinyasa Yoga Academy Reviews (Below):


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