About The Yoga Rescue Reviews: The Yoga Rescue Characteristics are sharing with others, discovering new paths, tailor-made, lifelong learning, flexible and the school is based in Bali, Indonesia. Passionate and experienced teachers, connecting more people, where students can discover and believe in themselves, the school helps the most to the student to bring out the best from them. Yoga in personal classes because every student has their different requirement. The classes are made to suit the student body, level, and mind.
Yoga helps the student to reduce their stress. The yoga Rescue supports the couples not only in real life but also on Yoga mats. Yoga begins in India. In Sanskrit, the word means to Unite. Everyone is welcome to practice with The Yoga Rescue. The Yoga rescue teachers teach in English as well as Bahasa Indonesia, depending on student language. The course by The Yoga Rescue includes Asana practice, vinyasa practices, Yin yoga, meditation, Pranayama, Yoga history, Raja Yoga, Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Anatomy and Chakras, and Adjustment skills etc.

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30 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | Rp. 2.000k
Retreat offered: 7 Days

Yoga has the maximum power to change and in that energy, The Yoga Rescue want to give back to the community The Yoga Rescue live in. The school donated 10% of their net profit to PKP Ubud, Empowering single women in Bali.

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