About Santosha Yoga Institute Reviews: Sunny Richards founded the Santosha. This foundation has been running yoga teacher training and Retreats since 2008. Santosha their goal the students can gain an experience of Santosha and then share and spread this to others by teaching them. The Santosha is happy when their students are happy. Their best satisfaction is being part of walking alongside our students to follow their path of happiness inside them. They have many special moments over this year, watching their students transform and grow on their 25 days with them to seeming their graduates multiple in the world.
They share their joy, tears, challenges, and success, one your part of the Santosa family they will be always there for their students. Teacher of Santosa Yoga honors every student as individuals, worthy of receiving the best experience possible. Santosha Gives you the experience and information of yoga practice and theory needed to teach Yoga. They teach Asana, Vinyasa style, Hatha Yoga etc. It is easy to learn yoga for all the levels of the students. They give knowledge of (Art of safe Teaching, Art of sequencing, Anatomy, physical postures, eight limbs of Yoga and many more). They provide their best to train the students.

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25 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 1075
30 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours | USD 1205
59 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hours | USD 1913
Retreat offered: 4 & 7 Days

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