Green Yoga India Reviews & Ratings: Green Yoga International is a Yoga Alliance International (USA) and Yoga Alliance Professional (U.K) certified premier Yoga Teacher Training School based in Mallorca, Spain imparting quality & modern Multi style Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Yoga Retreats in Europe, India & Bali. Their practice of 200, 300 & 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses are systematic and scientific, teaching traditional yoga with a blend of modernization. We believe the philosophy taught in our school should be useful in one’s daily life. If you study with us you will emerge as a versatile, well –rounded and successful yoga teacher in the world.

Green Yoga India provide their intensive yoga teacher training to all the level of people around the world despite of any age criteria, country specific or religion specific. They have open the space in their heart for the people who wants to explore Yoga and want to be attached with the great Yoga Community. As they say, Green is the color of growth, peace and balance and a fight against fears and anxieties which are connected with the today’s material world. Green yoga india reviews has to be maintained when it come’s to discuss about green yoga. So here it goes (below).

Green Yoga is conducting courses at both India and Spain (Barcelona) locations and has been found one of the well managed school at resp location but lets find it out if this school actually reaching students expectations? Lets find it out what user says about Green Yoga India Reviews:

Insight Green Yoga India Reviews & Course Fee:

21 Days | Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | Euro 2300
21 Days | Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours | Euro 2800

Also offering some customize yoga sessions and retreats, Price on request

They offer Yoga Teacher Training courses as well as Beautiful yoga Retreats for the people who wants to start their new life and indulge into the divine spirituality, physically, mentally and emotionally by learning Yoga.


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