About Desa Seni School Reviews: Desa Seni is a Village Resort which is opened for the world on 2006.  When it’s built the village has concentrated on dance, creating a holistic wellness Course, music and organic cuisine along with a beautifully landscaped with a friendly resort. Desa Seni Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance USA.
YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) and the teacher are internationally certified and qualified to teach for 200 hours with Yoga Alliance. Desa Seni creates an atmosphere where students come to relax, learn and same time joins the Community or Kula, experiencing the ways of Indonesia and life. In 2019 Desa Seni is elevated to be presenting the 7th annual ‘The Collection’ YTTC 200hours. The team of Desa Seni teachers will be working together to educate, share and nurture all those interested in deepening their practice or becoming a Yoga teacher.
The course is of 1 month (YTTC) offers a passionate or dedicated group of educated, informed, integrated, dynamic yoga alignment, creative sequencing, and anatomy. The course by Desa Seni school covers Pranayama and Asana, Theory Class (possibly anatomy, philosophy etc.), Teaching Methodology (studying asana in great detail from the manual, teaching poses in groups, sequencing, and adjustment, Theory (possibly anatomy, philosophy), Meditation, Yin Yoga etc. the intention of Desa Seni is to guide every student towards their true expression as a student or teacher in Vinyasa flow.

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28 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD (On request)
Retreat offered: 5/6/7 Days

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