About Bodhi Yoga School Reviews: Bodhi YTT (yoga Teacher training) student will discover creativity, challenge, and tools which help students to grow and learn as a yoga teacher and a yoga student. All the courses are very practical with less theory which help the practice o student Yoga.

Our point of view to practice is effective, Simple, contemplative and safe. Knowledgeable Yoga can be instructed to people of many backgrounds, ages, and experience. Training in Bodhi yoga, knowledgeable YTTC (Yoga teacher training courses) gives student the ability to modify their life and others.

knowledgeable Yoga is a reach to yoga that includes Meditation, alignment, Anatomy and physiology, Breathing and Pranayamas, Kriyas, theory, Teaching methods, Systematic relaxation, Surya Namaskar, Back-bends etc. Bodhi yoga includes both modern and ancient methods. The YTTC in Bodhi yoga is based for both Beginners and Advanced level students.

Bodhi Yoga gives a 200 hours and 500 hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Courses) and meditation retreats in Spain, Scotland, and Sweden.

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21 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 3000
Retreat offered: 7 Days

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