About Ashtak Yoga Reviews: Ashtak Yoga was established by a married team Dr. Gaurav Malik and Kate Malik who live in Goa, India and have been conducting Yoga Teacher Training Courses together for the past many years. Before going to Ashtak Yoga Reviews, Lets review about this school:

Ashtak Yoga School is one of the best Schools of Yoga in Goa, India and well-known for 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, Goa and Thailand. Ashtak Yoga School is affiliated by Yoga Alliance, the certificate you will receive at the end of your training will be accredited by USA, UK and Australian Yoga Alliance.

Ashtak Yoga means the 8 Parts of Yoga derived from Sanskrit word Yuj which mean union of individuals with their spirit, soul and inner self. Ashtak Yoga promises to provide you a path of love, happiness, kindness, joy, laughter and many more to discover yourself into a new you and explore Yoga and Meditation inside you in spite of exploring out. They have this vision that they are many yoga poses, alignments and techniques to practice Yoga but each individual should have their vision and mission in life and need to explore their style of yoga and meditation techniques. And Students need to practice and practice and analyze themselves in that state of mind.


28 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 1550
35 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours | USD 2170

Ashtak Yoga conducts Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Santorini, Greece which is beautifully surrounded by trees cactus and old white and blue churches on hilltops with the most amazing sunset views. Along with this, they have this beautiful retreat in Ubud, Bali Yoga Retreat which is surrounded by private gardens and an infinity pool area. Ashtak Yoga is famous for their Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, Thailand. In Thailand, they conduct this extensive training once a year with full dedication and participation of every fellow student who love to be in touch with Ashtak Yoga and with Dr. Malik. Lets see what students says about Ashtak Yoga Reviews & their ratings (below):


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