About Arpit Yoga Academy Reviews: Arpit Yoga Academy is located in a beautiful city named as Rishikesh, India. Rishikesh is the best place for students to learn Yoga because from many years Rishikesh is famous for yogis, Rishis, There is no better place than Rishikesh across the world where student become expert in Yoga. Their yoga Course gives importance to Philosophy, Meditation, Asanas and spiritual aspects of Yoga. Their YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) is registered by Yoga Alliance USA. The school have designed YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) for beginner and even for advanced level students. Diet is a very important part of yoga which is arranged at Arpit Yoga Academy during the course.They provide western comforts and vegetarian meal and fresh preparation from organic spices, pulses, and Vegetables. The school arranges many activities on Saturday and Sunday for students like Kayaking, River Rafting, mountain biking, and trekking etc. They try their best to teach students more pleasant and memorable. The students have to maintain the decorum and discipline so they conduct a code of conduct which students have to follow. Students are given the essential tips to improve their practice. When training is done by the student, the student can teach the yoga to others students. Arpit Yoga Academy mission to take the students yogic skill to the next level and spreading Yoga Philosophy to all over the world.

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27 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 1350
Retreat offered: 7 Days

When Training is completed, Arpit Yoga Academy conducts a ceremony to award the certification to the students.

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