About Anant Yoga Reviews: Anant Yoga founded by Anant Singh. School is based on YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Courses) which are designed to provide the students the truly authentic ancient eastern knowledge of yoga with a combination of western science concept. The primary objective of the school is to develop physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth through Yoga Aahar (Yogic Diet), Drishti (Gaze, Vision), Yoga Asana (Yoga Exercise), Dhyana (Meditation), Pranayama (Yoga Breathing), Relaxation.
This school is located in Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, and Dharamsala. They serve several types of environment for the yoga training. The school provides you with accommodation and meal during the training. The training of yoga is designed for beginners and as well as for advanced level participants. The student gets a Healthy Vegetarian Meal, comfortable rooms, and a daily schedule to focus on their spiritual training to enjoy the wonderful history and culture of India. Their staff members are there for you 24 hours to help you.
The course is focused on Hatha Yoga. During the course, the student learns about Asana Practice, standing, balance Postures, Sitting Posture, Twisting Posture, Hip Opening Posture, Arm Balancing Posture, Backward bending Posture, Restorative Posture, Classic Sun Salutations, Mudras, Pranayam, Mantra and Meditation, Physiology, Anatomy Yoga, Philosophy and history of Yoga. When the student learns all the postures and get whole knowledge of then he can become a Yoga teacher and he can also teach students.

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26 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 1400
46 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 1650
71 Days | Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours | USD 3000
Retreat offered: 7 Days

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