Some people have questioned yogis and yoga practitioners before, and I am one of those people. I have always considered yoga as another form of exercise — and nothing more. But I’d soon realize that it transcends beyond exercise and offers more than physical and mental benefits. Yoga enables you to develop self-love, a sense of gratefulness, compassion, and appreciation for your surroundings.

More importantly, yoga lets you go into a deeper introspection with yourself and allows you to deal with things in a more lighthearted manner. But since people start practicing yoga because of the health benefits, let’s focus on that. Here are the top six yoga health benefits that should get you started.

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Prevents cardiovascular risks

According to a peer-reviewed clinical trial, participants who joined the trial and did yoga improved their body mass index. The review proved how yoga enhances the cardio-metabolic system hence, lowering the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

Builds muscles and flexibility

Muscle-building and flexibility go hand in hand in yoga. When you’re doing those handstands and tree poses, you put pressure on your muscles. Just like weightlifting in the gym, yoga also builds muscles overtime.

Plus, yoga even improves your flexibility, especially when you’re at the expert level. The peacock pose, shoulder-pressing pose, king pigeon pose, to name a few. This is even better than going to the gym doing planks, lunges, and squats because it improves your joints and most especially your spine.

Improves blood flow

Ashtanga yoga is not for the neophytes. It involves complex movements that get your heart rate up. Although you’re not doing aerobic exercises with yoga, maintaining those poses and using all the strength that you have will undeniably heighten your heart rate.

And we all know what happens when our heart rates increase, our blood flow increases as well. As blood flow improves, we deliver more oxygen to our lungs and all our vital organs, keeping them healthy.

Helps you become a more conscious consumer

Yoga and vegetarianism go back to India during the Vedic period. And this has been yoga’s primary goal: Living a simple life while moving more and being mindful of what you put in your body.

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Yoga practitioners are more mindful of what they eat. Vegetables, organic food, fruits, and even cannabis are some of the staples of yoga. Get more info on where you can purchase your cannabis needs online.

Enhances sleeping patterns

Yoga allows you to break the monotony of life’s daily hustle, especially if you do it regularly.

Meditation is also another facet of yoga that can enable you to relax and sleep better. Meditating for at least 30 minutes daily will improve your overall sense of wellbeing as well.

Keeps you mentally stable

I first tried yoga because I got depressed over a relative’s tragic accident that left her paraplegic. I went on with it for a few months.

After my first yoga session, I felt renewed, refreshed, and happy. Yoga lets you rid of all negativity, anger, and hate in your heart. And I felt that really helped me overcome my battle with depression.